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Binary Calculator

Binary Numbers follow the base 2, so the digits possible are only 0 and 1. While adding numbers in decimal (base 10) form, we have to do a carry when the sum of the digits reaches 10, while adding numbers in binary form, we will have to do the carry in when the sum reaches 2 and similarly for subtraction we have to follow base 2.

Here is an image to understand binary to decimal conversion concept.

Binary Numbers

Binary Calculator is an online tool which takes two numbers in the binary form and does basics operations like addition of those binary numbers, subtraction of second binary number from the first one, multiplication of those binary numbers as well as Dividing first binary number by first one. It takes two binary numbers are a and b and calculates $(a + b), (a - b), (a \cdot b), (a / b)$. Additionally it coverts a and b in decimal (base 10) from and does similar operations in base form also.

This calculator can perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Binary numbers and can be referred by these names also.

  • Binary Addition Calculator
  • Binary Subtraction Calculator
  • Binary Multiplication Calculator
  • Binary Division Calculator

Additional calculator(s) related to binary conversion etc. are provided below the page.

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