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Binomial Distribution Calculator

Binomial Distribution Calculator can calculate the probability of getting a particular number of successes out of a number of trials while knowing the probability of success / trial.

Binomial Distribution Calculator works for Binomial Experiments (Bernoulli trials) only.

Binomial Experiment Definition

It is a statistical experiment which follows these rules -
1. It consists of repeated trials with each trial having two possible outcomes. One of the outcome can be called success.

2. Probability of success is the same everytime (for each trial). The trials are independent of each other, i.e., outcome of one trial doesn't affect other trials.

Most common example of Binomial Experiment is flipping of coins n number of times.

Binomial Distribution Calculator effectively calculates Binomial Probability.

Binomial Probability Definition

It refers to the probability of getting exactly a particular number of successes in a Binomial Experiment.

For example, in a Binomial Experiment with 'n' being number of trials, 'x' being the number of successes and P being the probability of success in each trial, then, Binomial Probability is represented and calculated as : Binomial Probability, b(x; n, P) = nCx * Px * (1 - P)(n-x)

Binomial Distribution Calculator takes the values of number of trials, 'n', number of successes, 'x' and the Probability of success per trial, 'P' and returns the value of Binomial Probability for getting exactly 'x' successes in 'n' number of trials.

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