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Charles Law Calculator
The Charles law is one of the gas law which states that:
At constant pressure , the volume of a given mass of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature on Kelvin scale or absolute scale . It may be mathematically written as :       
V  $\alpha$  T   ( at constant P and n )
Let Vi be the initial volume of a gas at initial temperature Ti , at a given pressure. Let there be change in temperature hence Volume changes. Hence Vf and Tf be the final Volume and final temperature of the gas.
From the above two equations , we get                   
$\frac{V_{1}}{T_{1}}$ = $\frac{V_{2}}{T_{2}}$   
Charles law Calculator Calculates the any of the these quantities V1, T1, V2, and Tif any of the three quantities are given.   

Steps for Charles Law Calculator

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Step 1 :  

Analyze the problem and substitute the given quantities

Step 2 :  

Using the formula:

$\frac{V_{i}}{T_{i}}$ = $\frac{V_{f}}{T_{f}}$

Where Vi = Initial Volume

Vf = Final Volume

Ti = Initial temperature

Tf = Final temperature.

Substituting the given values in the above equation, we get the answer for desired quantity. 

Problems on Charles Law Calculator

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  1. A gas is burnt in to the flame at contant pressure, It has initial temperature of 200 C and Volume of 4L. Calculate its Volume if temperature is 360 C?

    Step 1 :  


    Initial Volume, Vi = 4 L 

    Final Volume, Vf = ?

    Initial temperature, Ti =  200 C = 293 K

    Final temperature, Tf = 360 C = 309 K.

    Step 2 :  

    Using the formula:

    $\frac{V_{i}}{T_{i}}$ = $\frac{V_{f}}{T_{f}}$

    Vf = $\frac{V_{i} T_{f}}{T_{i}}$

    Vf = $\frac{4 L \times 309 K}{293 K}$

    Answer  :  

    Final Volume Vf = 4.21 L

  2. A sample of gas has initial temperature of 240 K and Initial volume of 128 mL. calculate its final temperature if final volume is 500 ml.

    Step 1 :  

    given: Initial volume Vi = 128 mL = 0.128 L

    Final volume Vf = 500 mL = 0.5 L

    Initial temperature Ti = 240 K

    Final temperature Tf = ? 

    Step 2 :  

    Using formula:

    $\frac{V_{i}}{T_{i}}$ = $\frac{V_{f}}{T_{f}}$

    Tf$\frac{V_{f} T_{i}}{V_{i}}$

    Tf = $\frac{0.5 L \times 240 K}{0.128 L}$

    Answer  :  

    Final temperature Tf = 937.5 K.

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