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Fraction Calculator

A fraction representing the way of dividing a whole number by a whole number. Fraction is a combination of numerator and denominator. Top number is called as numerator and the bottom number is called  as denominator. When numerator is smaller than denominator than its called proper fraction and in reverse case it's called improper fraction.

Fraction Calculator is used to simplify basic math operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of two fractions and gives an result in a reduced fraction and a whole number.

Below you can find the list of calculators related to fraction. Go through the list and make your calculation easy and fun.

You can see a calculator with two different default fractions with mathematical operation to be done is given below. On clicking "Calculate", the calculator will do the mathematical operation between the two fractions according to the default operation given.


Steps for Fraction Calculator

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Step 1 :  

For addition
Step 1: Take the common denominator.
Step 2: Add the numerator.
Step 3: Simplify the fraction.

For Subtraction
Step 1: Take the common denominator.
Step 2: subtract the numerator.
Step 3: Simplify the fraction.

For Multiplication
Step 1: Multiply the numerator.
Step 2: Multiply the denominator.
Step 3: Simplify the fraction.

For division:  
Step 1: Take the reciprocal of the second fraction.
Step 2: Multiply the numerator.
Step 3: Multiply the denominator.
Step 4: simplify the fraction.

Problems on Fraction Calculator

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  1. $\frac{1}{2}+\frac{3}{2}$

    Step 1 :  

    Step 1: common denominator = 2
    Step 2: $\frac{(1+3)}{2}$ = $\frac{4}{2}$
    Step 3: $\frac{4}{2}$ = 2

    Answer  :  

    $\frac{1}{2}+\frac{3}{2}$ = 2

  2. $\frac{5}{3}-\frac{1}{3}$

    Step 1 :  

    Step 1: common denominator = 3
    Step 2: $\frac{(5-1)}{3}$ = $\frac{4}{3}$
    Step 3: $\frac{4}{3}$

    Answer  :  

    $\frac{5}{3}-\frac{1}{3}$ = $\frac{4}{3}$

  3. $\frac{3}{2} \times \frac{5}{7}$

    Step 1 :  

    Step 1: numerator $(3 \times 5)$ = 15
    Step 2: denominator $(2 \times 7)$ = 14
    Step 3: $\frac{15}{14}$

    Answer  :  

    $\frac{3}{2} \times \frac{5}{7}$ = $\frac{15}{14}$

  4. $\frac{\frac{4}{3}}{\frac{6}{5}}$

    Step 1 :  

    Step 1: reciprocal of the second fraction $\frac{4}{3} \times \frac{5}{6}$
    Step 2: numerator $(4 \times 5)$ = 20
    Step 3: denominator $(3 \times 6)$ = 18
    Step 4: $\frac{20}{18}$ = $\frac{10}{9}$

    Answer  :  

    $\frac{\frac{4}{3}}{\frac{6}{5}}$ = $\frac{10}{9}$

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