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Fractions with Exponents Calculator
The exponent of any number indicates how many times to multiply a base number by itself. Lets take a number am/n.To find the exponents of the form m/n you can use this excellent tool within the fraction of seconds.

Fraction with exponent calculator is an excellent online tool that calculates the exponent values of the form am/n and gives you the answer instantly. Its really helps you get off the manual tedious method.You just have to enter the base and exponent values in the provided blocks and get the answer.

Step by Step Calculation

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Step 1 :  

Read the given problem and note down the base and exponent value.

Step 2 :  

Multiply the base with itself as many times the exponents are given, simplify the value and get the answer like
                                        am = a $\times$ a .............m factors.

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