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Heat Transfer Calculator
Heat transfer is all about transfer of heat due to temperature difference between the system and surroundings.
Heat transfer Calculator calculates the Heat transfer(Q) if thermal conductivity constant (k), temperature difference ($\Delta$ T), length or distance through which it travels (d) are given.

Steps for Heat Transfer Calculator

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Step 1 :  

Read the problem and observe the given quantities.

Step 2 :  

Use the formula:
Q = kA $\frac{\Delta T}{d}$

Where Q = Rate of heat transfer
            k = Thermal Conductivity constant
            $\Delta$ T = Temperature difference
            d = length or distance through which heat flows.
Substitute the values to get the desired quantity.

Problems on Heat Transfer Calculator

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  1. Find the heat transferred by an copper wire to the surrounding which is having length of 5 cm,temperature of 40oC?
    The thermal conductivity of copper is 0.009577885.

    Step 1 :  


    Length of the pipe d = 5 cm,
    Temperature difference $\Delta$ T = 40oC - 27oC = 13oC,

    Thermal Conductivity constant k = 0.0095778.

    Step 2 :  

    Use the formula:
    Q = k $\frac{\Delta T}{d}$

       = 0.009577885 $\times$ $\frac{286}{0.05}$

       = 54.7 Calorie/cm2.s.

    Answer  :  

    The Heat transfered by the Copper wire is 54.7 Calorie/cm2.s.

  2. Calculate heat transfer taken place by aluminium plate having thickness of 3mm and temperature difference of 100oC?
    The thermal conductivity constant of aluminium is 0.009577885.

    Step 1 :  


    Thickness d = 3mm = 0.003 m,

    Temperature difference T = 100o C,

    Thermal conductivity k = 0.0000406 Calorie/cm.C.s.

    Step 2 :  

    Heat transfer (Q) = k $\frac{\Delta T}{d}$
                                = 0.0000406 $\times$ $\frac{373}{0.003}$
                                = 1.353 Calorie/cm2.s.

    Answer  :  

    The Heat transferred by the aluminium plate is 1.353 Calorie/cm2.s.

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