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Point Slope Form Calculator

Point-slope form is also known as point-gradient form. It is used to calculate the equation of a straight line passing through a point( $x_{1}$, $y_{1}$) with a slope(m).


Steps to Calculate Point Slope Form

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Step 1 :  

Observe the point($x_{1}$, $y_{1}$) and Slope(m) of the line given

Step 2 :  

Apply the formula: (y - $y_{1}$) = m (x - $x_{1}$) [Point-slope form]

Example Problems on Point Slope Form Calculator

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  1. Find the equation of straight line, given point (5, -4) and slope(m) = (-2)

    Step 1 :  

    Given point($x_{1}$, $y_{1}$) = (5, -4) and slope(m) = -2

    Answer  :  

    -2x - y + 6

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