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Area of a Hexagon Calculator

Area of a Hexagon Calculator is an online tool to calculate the Area of Regular Hexagon. It makes calculations easy and fun. It takes the base length and height of a regular hexagon and calculates the area of the hexagon. This calculator is for regular hexagons only.

Steps for Area of Hexagon

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Step 1 :  

Observe the height and side length of hexagon and name them as side length = s height = h

Step 2 :  

Apply the formula Area of hexagon = 3×s×h

Example problems on Area of Hexagon Calculator

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  1. Find the area of hexagon with side length 8cm and height 6cm.

    Step 1 :  

    Apply the formula area of hexagon = 3×s×h.

    area of hexagon = 3×8×6.

    area of hexagon = 144 cm2

    Answer  :  

    Area of hexagon
    = 144 cm2

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