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Complex Fractions Calculator

Complex Fractions Calculator (or Simplifying Complex Fractions Calculator) is an online tool to convert a complex fraction into simplified fraction. It makes calculation easy and fun. If any complex fraction is given then it can easily convert it into simplified fraction.

Step by Step Calculation

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Step 1 :  

Observe the example. Input should be in this form $\frac{\frac{a}{b}}{\frac{c}{d}}$. Convert the example to a multiplication by changing the division sign to the multiplication and inverting the fraction to the right of the sign.

Step 2 :  

Now, it can be written as: $\frac{a}{b}$×$\frac{d}{c}$ = $\frac{a×d}{b×c}$

Example Problem

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  1. Convert  $\frac{\frac{3}{5}}{\frac{1}{10}}$ to a simple fraction and reduce.

    Step 1 :  

    Given input: $\frac{\frac{3}{5}}{\frac{1}{10}}$


    Step 2 :  

    Multiply two simple fractions:


    Answer  :  

    $\frac{6}{1}$ or 6

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