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Percentage Calculator

Percentage is most commonly used terms in day-to-day life. If one says percent than you will understand "per 100". Percentage is a way of expressing a number as fraction of 100. It's denoted using the percent sign ' %'. Percentages used to explain how big or small a quantity is, compare to the other.

Percentage calculator is a very simple tool where you can get percentage of a given number, relative to the other. For example, see the calculator in this page. Also you can see the list of all the calculator listed below in this page to make your percent calculation easier.


Steps for Percentage Calculator

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Step 1 :  

Identify the given parameters from the question.

Step 2 :  

The general equation to calculate the percentage is,

a$\times$ $\frac{x}{100}$=b

Where a is the amount which we have to find out the percentage

x is the percentage

b is resulting amount

Examples for Percentage Calculator

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  1. Calculate 50 is what % of 300?

    Step 1 :  

    From the above equation, we can label the given quantities as,

    a=300, b=50, x=?

    Step 2 :  

    The equation is given by,

    a$\times$ $\frac{x}{100}$=b

    300$\times$ $\frac{x}{100}$=50



    Answer  :  

    The answer is 50 is 16.667% of 300.

  2. Find 45 is what percentage of 200?

    Step 1 :  

    By using the above equation, we can say the given parameters are,

    a=200, b=45

    Step 2 :  

    The equation is given by,

    a$\times$ $\frac{x}{100}$=b

    200$\times$ $\frac{x}{100}$=45



    Answer  :  

    The answer is 45 is 22.5% of 200.

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