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Force Calculator
Force Calculator is an online tool to find the force of the given object. If mass and acceleration is given then it can easily find then it can easily find the force of that object.

Steps for Force

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Step 1 :  

Apply the formula: F = m×a

Here F= Force



Step 2 :  

Now plug in the value in the appropriate place.

Examples on Force

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  1. Your motor cycle has a mass of 12.1 kilograms. And you will accelerate at a rate of 2.79 m/s2. Calculate the net force which is being accelerating the motorcycle.

    Step 1 :  

    Given data:

    Mass = 12.1 Kg.

    Acceleration = 2.79 m/s2

    We need to find the force F = ___?

    Answer  :  

    F = 33.759 N

  2. If accleration is 0.197 m/s2  and mass is 3300 kg then find the mass?

    Step 1 :  

    We know the formula

    So F = m × a.

    So F =3300 ×0.197=650N

    Answer  :  


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