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Slope Calculator

Slope Calculator (or Slope of a Line Calculator or Slope Formula Calculator) is an online tool to find slope of a line if coordinates of two points on the line are given.

This Calculator takes the co-ordinates of two points on the line as (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) and calculates the slope using the formula given below.

Slope of the line, m = $\frac{(y_{2} - y_{1})}{(x_{2} - x_{1})}$


Steps for Slope Formula

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Step 1 :  

Apply the slope formula:  Slope (m) = $\frac{(y_{2} - y_{1})}{(x_{2} - x_{1})}$

Step 2 :  

Plug in the 'x1,x2' and 'y1,y2' values in the formula for the desired result.

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