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Weight Conversion Calculator
Weight conversion calculator is the online calculator which converts the weight of an object from one unit to other. There are so many units present in the case of weight. But the most commonly used one is kilogram, which is the SI unit of the weight. Other units are gram, milligram, pounds etc. The conversion between the kilogram and these units are given in the next section.

You can see a calculator with default weight value as 25 given below. On clicking "Value to Convert", the calculator will convert the unit from kilograms to grams in this case.

Steps for Weight Conversion Calculator

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Step 1 :  

When we convert the weight from Kg to gram, we need to follow the given relation.

1Kg = 1000g

Step 2 :  

If the unit is in Kg, we want to convert it in terms of pounds then the relation will be

1Kg = 2.2046lbs

Step 3 :  

The conversion of Kg to mg is given as follows.

1Kg = 106mg

Step 4 :  

Following relation is used to convert Kg to ounce.

1Kg = 1000g = 35.274oz

Problems on Weight Conversion Calculator

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  1. Convert the given quantity 50g to Kg,lbs,ounces and mg?

    Step 1 :  

    The given quantity is in gram. So we have to convert that in to other units.

    50g=50$\times \frac{1}{1000}$=0.05Kg

    Step 2 :  


    Step 3 :  


    Step 4 :  

    50g=50$\times \frac{35.274}{1000}$=1.7637oz

    Answer  :  





  2. Convert 15Kg to g, ounces, lbs and mg?

    Step 1 :  


    Step 2 :  


    Step 3 :  


    Step 4 :  


    Answer  :  





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